Shortly About Us

SIDS N SIDS Stands For Siddiqui's And Siddiqui's!This production house is the brain child of two proficient professionals of the field - Founder and Director of "SIDS N SIDS" Moiz Siddiqui,– was conceived, and molded according to the needs of the industry.Fueled by their professional expertise, SIDS N SIDS has established a reputation for being one of the most creative, prolific, successful and efficient production companies in the TV entertainment world.


  • Film MakingWhat is it about a great Film that makes it impossible to turn away?
  • Modeling ShootsAs digital photography becomes more and more popular, the basic concepts of photography become more and more obscured by the technology, but none the less important.
  • Wedding Photography & VideographyCameras don't take pictures. People do. Photography is an art and proper display of the photographs is a technique. 

Our Philosophy

At SIDS N SIDS Production we don't impose a specific philosophy or approach on every client. Rather, we are media-by-design and our products are tailored for you and your business. We look at each client as a unique entity, and for this reason we are able to deliver premium media solutions.

Regardless of the budget, we take an in depth look at your business and communication needs, as well as your goals and timetables, to devise the best advertising strategy for you. Our knowledge of the area, market, and its demographics enables us to create relevant brand and consumer insights. This is the key to powerful media planning. We keep you ahead of your competition by providing a new, imaginative, and persuasive media perspective for your business.

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